EnDrag Features


Built for ease-of-use from day one.

No coding skills? No web-design experience? No problem! Our innovative visual builder empowers any user to create awesome, modern websites.

Intuitive & Clutter Free

Nothing says ‘intuitive’ more than a tool that shows only what’s needed for the task and hides everything that’s not. It’s visual design that finally grew up.

Real-time Editing

No more disjointed experience, build and edit everything right in front of your eyes. 

Drag & Drop

Arrange and move anything you see on screen with a simple motion of your cursor.

Cutting Edge

EnDrag is built on React, the open-source JavaScript library developed by Facebook. This is the go-to technology for UI.

Fully Loaded

Forms, Sliders & Tabs are just a few of the premium tools included.

Brizy Page Builder

Save time & effort with our innovative content tools

Speed up your design workflow with our smart content tools that show most options for each element right on top of it. This reduces mouse travel considerably and saves time.

• Rich Text Element

• Images with Zoom & Focus 

• Easy-to-setup Forms

• 4000+ Vector Icons

• Smart, Versatile Buttons

• Unrestricted Tabs Content


See the big picture. Or rather, the smaller, mobile one.

We’ve built 3 different viewports – Desktop, Tablet & Mobile -each canvas with its own special toolset, so you can offer your visitors a complete viewing experience.




Brizy Page Builder

Jam-packed with Unique Features

EnDrag is filled with features without upsells or extra costs, what you pay for your subscription is it! No other payments are required for using EnDrag features!

Visual Contact Forms

Brizy Page Builder

No more complex, hairy form plugins. Say hello to the future: Visual Forms!

Sliders from any Block

Any block of content can be turned into an animated slider with a click of a button.

Saved & Global Blocks

Brizy Page Builder

Update all instances of a global block from a single place. Great for repeating content.

Brizy Page Builder

Design engaging pop-ups that look the part.

In the past, building a marketing pop-up involved 3rd party plugins where the design had to take place inside its own sandbox. With EnDrag, you can create pop-ups right in the page, with the same tools you know and love. With easy-to-use Triggers & Display Conditions, you can automate the popups on your site in seconds.


Create more than just a page, build an entire website.

With the Headers & Footers blocks, included in the Pro version, you can build navigations and footer areas with unprecedented flexibility and ease-of-use. Add these headers and footers across all pages and you’ve got yourself a beautiful, perfectly working website.

Brizy Page Builder Headers
Copy & Paste

Copy and paste content from within the same page or other. Works with styles too.

Undo / Redo

Go back to a previous state with our Undo functionality. Or, redo steps to work faster.

Right-Click Menu

Quickly access shortcuts and selection tools with just a right-click on your mouse button.


Never lose your draft work again! The Autosave option allows for cloud versioning.

Role Manager

Allow or restrict the levels of access users can have when editing content.

Image Lightbox

Open images in a large pop-up, by enabling the switch found on any image in your page.

Reorder Blocks

Drag-and-drop between live representations of your blocks to reorder your content.

Mega Menu

Super useful for header menus that are complex and multi-columned.

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